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W.A.R. Audio started with the dream of selling high quality music/stereophile equipment to people who were passionate about it, all over the world, be it Asia, Australia, Europe, and all at affordable prices. This dream has brought us to the information superhighway in a bid to reach those who previously were not exposed to our high-quality gear.

We specialise in custom speaker systems and components, using only the highest quality drivers, capacitors, damping material, all in pursuit of the perfect sound. Our range includes high-tech ceramic drivers, high-efficiency pure ribbons through to poly-kevlar and pulp drivers. The range of kits and systems that we are able to supply will amaze you, featuring designs from Joe D’Appolito (mtm designer), Kimon Bellad (Orca Design and Manufacturing) and our very own Pat O’Brien. Their expertise is not the sole inspiration for our designs with a select group of the best software and hardware tools being used in the design process, as well as available to our customers themselves. Our life is speaker systems, and you can understand that the speakers are above and beyond the most important aspect of a quality system. Whether the application be Hi-Fi, Audio-visual or Automotive, we as you do expect the best from our speakers. Therefore, we make no hesitations in saying that we boast the most complete range of speakers, with the best service, knowledge and pricing available.

Speakers are one thing, but we also have a select range of the finest counterparts to accompany your speakers. Our range includes both pre and power amplifiers, compact disc platers, speaker and power cables, the list is endless. We always aim to stay at the cutting edge of high end systems. After listening to a W.A.R. Audio system…there is no going back.



586 Maroubra Rd,

Maroubra, NSW 2035

T: (02) 9314 3662